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The Frontline of #occupy is coming to FL, A Call to Action

June 28, 2012


In late August, the Republican National Convention (RNC) is coming to Tampa, where Mitt “1%” Romney will accept the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. Along with this pompous celebration of plutocracy; the police state will be in full force, ready and willing to curb more than the enthusiasm of any […]

Solidarity First: Filling the Intentional Holes of Plutocracy

June 27, 2012


After the completion of last months Occupied Daytona News Journal a new experiment in news began in Daytona Beach Florida. With the support of occupiers around the area, Solidarity First was born. Well what is Solidarity First? Taken from the Facebook: “Welcome to your go to source for grassroots independent analysis of all issues of […]

Why we shouldn’t be surprised at the Supreme Court

June 27, 2012


For legal scholars who still presumed the court as unbiased institution, free from influence of big money, the upholding of Citizen’s United may have been the final nail in the coffin. For hundreds of years the country’s elected officials and judges have continuously drifted away from public opinion by creating laws and upholding laws in […]

Revolutions… Revolutionary Theory…

June 26, 2012


Revolutions… Revolutionary Theory… Occupy Wall Street September 17th 2011 Occupy Wall Street liberated Liberty Square, formerly known as Zuccotti, and the “Occupy Movement” was born, or was it? First what is “occupy”? Well, it is important to notice that occupying is a direct action tactic of protesting and reclaiming space with roots as far back […]