Rising Tension

Posted on August 3, 2012


Everything around us moves at the speed of light leaving not much more than a dim blur quickly fading away. Since #S17 so much has happened in the world around us but the media still strategically ignores us and somehow still can’t get the message. We have change the discussion of politics yet it is politics as usual. We have been making change, we have been creating a new vision of a new world based on autonomy, mutual aid, and self organization without oppressive violent coercion, in fact, in the face of oppressive violent coercion.

And the machine fights back, likely story. The violent images of police on protester violence: batons, pepper-spray, beanbag shotguns, riot gear storm troopers, etc. have spread through social media like wildfire. It has been found police have repeatedly violated the rights of protesters from town to town exposing a glitch in the matrix of the “American Dream”. For most in America, the “American Dream” is just that, a dream while reality bears a heavy weight that can be a struggle to carry.

The “American Dream” can never be a for everyone as the dream of being privileged always depends on a larger under privileged populous. There has to be “have nots” for there to be “haves”. Whats worse is those who profit off the labor of the proletariats swim in unimaginable wealth while watching the world suffer only due to their unfettered and unquenchable thirst for capital.

In the impoverished neighborhoods in America the people must turn to other means to survive in a system that is pitted against them from the beginning. This is the “American Dream” to many of our brothers and sisters, crack rock, gun shots, and crooked cops terrorizing your block.

Capitalism is doomed and will ultimately fail. This is more than an opinion it is a mathematical fact as a system based on exponential growth on a planet with finite resources can not survive. However, we do not have to be where we are, greed alone has put us where we are today. We have a police state because the opulent have pushed so many in to such impoverished destitute that people can not survive. For this reason they must arm the police state. The cracks have long been forming in the foundation and are now spider webbing rapidly.

As the foundation weakens the pillars of the capitalist structure begin to rhythmically vibrate and shake in sync with the beat of the drums and foot steps of the serfs marching through Babylon. The end is near, for violent oppression and manipulation and we are not the only ones who know it.

You can feel the rising tension as the state escalates tactics to undermine, repress, and disrupt any movement of the people. Recent media images of raids of protesters homes, reporters with hands in air at gun point, and military style police tactics only reinforce The empire is shaken, it is stumbling, and it will do everything it can to preserve it’s self and the current state.

We are in the final throws of a falling empire and they will continue to escalate to more dramatic and controversial tactics to get their greedy hands on as many chips as they can before game ends. We just need to stop playing the game.

-Maximus Scribus

*Written on July 31, 2012


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