An Open Letter To Those Against LGBT Rights (And those who think consuming fast food accounts for legitimate protest…)

Posted on August 9, 2012


Let me begin by saying, I can’t say I’ll be addressing a certain category of consumers in detail because of the fact that I said the parenthesized portion of my title out loud, and then let it process in my head.

Anyhow, to the rest of those against gay marriage & LBGT rights-

I really can’t form an argument with you because you’re not even sure why you hate gays, you try to form an argument and then try to defend it, yet the entire argument stems solely from repeating something that you have heard from someone, or somewhere else.

You view them as something equivalent to subhuman, which coincidentally enough is the sociological cause of the start to any major war in the history of mankind. Hate from one side. Two warring sides don’t love each other, they hate each other, and Jesus hated no one. You preach a religion that teaches acceptance, yet you proceed to banish an entire group of people based on something that you don’t have control over and don’t have any influence on, and hey look! It doesn’t involve you and reasonably shouldn’t! If you are truly an American who believes in freedom and the Constitution, which I assume you are, then you should respect one’s right to both freedom and privacy, regardless of if you agree with it. Jesus once said absolutely nothing about gay marriage, because he accepted all people, and he shouldn’t have had to say anything about the topic, because at some point in the bible, it should have probably occurred to you… That Christ accepts everyone, and the simple, uneducated and undeveloped thought, that he would outcast and dehumanize a group of people based on their gender, skin colour, or sexual orientation, would be the antithesis of a Christ-like act; And I find it hypocritical that you center your values around a man who, quite honestly, doesn’t share any of the values that you and your colossal religious institution, the self proclaimed moral-authority of America (and the world), share as a whole. Whether or not you want to accept this side of the argument on the ‘political’ or ‘moral’ (two words that should never go together) stage, is up to you. Just know that I’ve sat in a very civil manner, have listened to your argument, thought about it, and was able to form a logical retort.

Think of it like this…

The only way I will consider your argument against the basic rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people legitimate, is if you let me begin by arguing your tax code with The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas or any of the wonderful Batman comics as my argument for that matter (as the argument’s source and authority).

Do you truly believe that a questionable bible passage, said by someone who wasn’t god or Christ, is crystal clear or ethically reasonable enough to abuse, oppress, and hate an entire group of people?

Because it’s not Jesus who told you to think what you’re thinking.

Think about it for a moment, it won’t hurt you.

-Ryan Capozzi

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