Daytona Beach General Assembly endorses OCCUPY FAST FOOD (Daytona)

Posted on September 2, 2012


-Occupy Fast Food (Daytona)-

Fast food workers are some of the most disenfranchised and abused workers in our economy. Low wages, irregular hours and ever changing schedules, unsafe conditions, lack of bargaining power, (AND sometimes working while sick) make fast food work insecure, dangerous, and soul-destroying.

For many communities in the greater Daytona Beach area, however; low paid, precarious fast food work is the only work available. This perpetuates communities trapped in endless cycles of working poverty, and long periods of joblessness — leaving workers that make too much to qualify for social welfare programs, but too little to support themselves or a family. Often times some find an alternative to fast food work in the underground economy which; when people have no other form of income; can seem to be logical alternative to low paying, insecure work.
Helping to establish a Fast Food Workers Industrial Union in the Daytona Beach area that ensures living wages, benefits such as health care and sick leave, and fair, secure employment, will help to undercut the need for such economies which devastate our communities via Narcotics and the subsequent violence and addictions that result from the local drug trade.
OCCUPY DAYTONA THEREFORE RESOLVES to help fast food workers and their communities create a Fast Food Workers’ Industrial Union through the endorsement of the labor organizing committee known as Occupy Fast Food ( Daytona) which shall be dedicated to this purpose. OFF(D) will help organize and empower local workers in the Fast Food Industry to organize themselves, and will provide support in the form of solidarity and support actions, counsel, outreach to communities and workers as well as other activities at which Occupy Daytona excels — including bringing the full strength of Occupy Daytona Beach (as well as allied groups) to the defense of fast food workers if they are fired or experience other forms of retaliation for union organizing. This we do based on the logic that if “We are the 99%” than we shall act as if “An Injury to One is An Injury to All!”

(*Text altered form of proposal passed by Occupy Oakland)

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Happy LABOR Day!!