Election Defection! (Why I Reasonably Both Do And Don’t Give A Fuck About The Democratic And Republican National Circuses) By: Ryan Capozzi

Posted on September 15, 2012


First of all, don’t call it the Republican party anymore. The Republican party WAS dedicated to granting Americans rights that they didn’t have before, at one point in this nation’s history. Sometimes even if the Congressman and Senators in Washington didn’t personally agree with it, it was about real and actual freedom. Back then, it was about what they believed was right for the people. It’s the people that mattered to them then, not the narcissistic individual who preaches a confused message from god, that in reality comes from the highest bidder, and then calls it politics.
And then…
AND THEN… They have the fucking nerve to call that bullshit, American. And it’s un-American if you disagree with their party’s philosophies that send us back about 400-some odd years into the time of the tyranny of the British monarch. Discounting searches for enslavement, profit, and a neglected urge to rape and kill, it’s the very reason why so many came to America (from the UK in this instance).
Oh, the Republican National Convention in Tampa… Quite honestly, I find it dangerous for so many undeveloped thoughts to congregate in a single metropolitan area in this country  (Charlotte’s no exception for the Democratic convention). But I’ll tell you what’s un-American, having your political party form a close partnership with the city’s jails, and have them empty it if for those who form some kind of rational thought that leads to an active opposition against the party’s un-American beliefs? -dramatic inhale and cool exhale..- I’ve heard police outnumber protestors anywhere from 4 to 1, to 7 to 1, so if you’re in the Tampa area and are planning on murdering someone, you’re window of opportunity is closing/has closed. Depending on when you read this.
Jailing those who disagree with your principles? And actively targeting those who don’t? I mean, have I made my point yet? Is it not abundantly clear at this point?
No… It’s not, just remember the numbers 347 everytime you think that you’re free… Because it’s yet another reminder that you’re really not. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, House “Resolution” Act 347 essentially outlaws political protests, which leads to something that Kim Jong-Un could admire and take a page from, but more specifically, I’m talking about free speech zones (designated, miniscule, separate areas that are dedicated to practicing free speech). Now that shit right there is un-American. Yet somehow, both the Democrats and the Republicans managed to not only come together, but the motherfuckers in Washington managed to come together unanimously on this one to take this imperative right away from you. Even if you don’t use your right to free speech and protest, it’s still been taken away from you regardless. I don’t care where you stand politically, this should disgust you as an American, but more importantly, as a human being.
Arguing politics and religion has always been so forbidden in this society, possibly because in other societies [most societies], arguing these kind of topics requires some form of rational thought. Now-a-days, it’s an arms race of extremities with the winner as the antithesis of both humanity and rational thought in this country.
People always ask, “Hey Ryan, who are you voting for?” or “Hey Ryan, why don’t you run for office?”. But the one that really sets this fucker off [Tom Morello-Audioslave-references,  anyone?] is when I’m asked if I’m a Democrat or a Republican… I’m obviously not a Republican, I’m sure as fuck not a Democrat or a Libertarian, not an Independent party supporter, Green party, or anything. What I am is a free fucking thinker. If you’re thinking with a political party, you’re not thinking for yourself, there’s a machine out there already doing it for you, no matter how badly you want to think otherwise. This goes for every party that I named,  and didn’t name alike.
My final point is this. Take action, in anyway you can. Whether it’s marching with Anarchists chanting “Anti! Anti! Anti-capitalista!” or volunteering somewhere and making a difference in a kid’s life… It doesn’t matter, just as long as you’re doing it. I personally am finding that there are much more important fronts to take, along with trying to alter the inevitable and dismal fate of this country.
The United States throws out an estimated 10-15 billion dollars worth of food every year.
1 in 10 kids in America, the richest country in the world, and most abundant/plentiful in food, go hungry.
15 million kids go hungry every day.
Half the population of the world lives on the equivalent to $2.00 a day.
So if you see me object to the elitist, fascist, wanton, egocentric, and consequently oppressive lifestyle of this country’s useless politicians because of their repulsive use of the political arena for economic self preservation… Just know that you should think about being against it too, as a whole. Think. Think. Think for yourself. It seems like mission impossible now-a-days.
 -Ryan Capozzi
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