It’s beginning to look a lot like May Day…

Posted on February 28, 2013


Dear Fellow Workers, Comrades, Brothers & Sisters, Compañeros y Compañeras, Friends, Allies,and Observers as well as everybody else,

In the past 18 months, the workers of the world have risen up against globalized capitalist exploitation on a mass scale we have not seen in many years.

The fall of Mubarak in Egypt was seen as a victory for not only Egyptians, but the entire global working class, and although the Revolution in Egypt still has much work to do, we mustn’t forget that it was a General Strike that finally forced Mubarak from office.

A few months later The Occupy Movement spread like wildfire across North America and shortly thereafter to most of the rest of the world. The spirit of Mutual Aid and Solidarity was re-injected into the American working class after Wisconsin Governor Scott “Imperial” Walker started a trend of stripping away collective bargaining rights in non-“right to work”(for less) states. A General Strike shut down most of the port in Oakland,California for a whole day, costing the likes of Goldman Sachs millions of dollars. A few weeks later occupiers simultaneously marched on the ports on the East,West, and Gulf coasts in arttempt to shut them all down for a day.

In the last few weeks this writer has been keeping an eye on the Vio Me factory in Greece. It has been taken over and is now run by the workers. They are not only now owning the means to produce, but are also trying to make their products more Eco-friendly and affordable to their community.

On May 1 2012 Daytona Beach had its first ever observance of International Workingman’s Day AKA May Day. We spent the day raising awareness of the exploitation of labor, grilling up vegan BBQ and had a Critical Mass.

It really beats working…

So, it is with all this in mind that I call on all class conscious working class folks in greater Daytona to join me in forming the Daytona May Day Committee to organize May Day festivities in Daytona this year.

Bring your solidarity & your ideas!

-Daytona Slim